An Exquisite Surrender

Meluha Cigars

An Exquisite Surrender

Meluha Cigars

An Exquisite Surrender

Meluha Cigars

Give In To The Most Beautiful Kind Of Freedom

The best cigars are rarely smoked. They are wholly experienced as an abandonment of daily travails.
Every puff can take you on a beautiful flight of the senses, away from the pressing demands of the present.

A Meluha cigar defines this ritual perfectly. Each is hand-made and crafted to elevate the smoking experience into the purest form of meditation. An exquisite surrender made possible by Meluha’s long aging process, incomparably large ring gauge and the distinct flavour of true greatness.

The Meluha Story

Meluha cigars are a reference to the Ancient Eastern mythological place, ‘Meluha’, literally meaning ‘Land of the Pure’. Each component of a Meluha cigar stays true to its name. The leaf, the tobacco and the very hands that crafted it are the finest of its kind.

We believe so strongly in the spiritual uplifting and purity of our cigars that we follow a powerful Meluha Mantra. A mantra that has been inscribed on every cigar paper ring. It is a powerful ethos derived from the traditional Hawaiian philosophy of ‘Ho’oponopono’, a process of self-identity, meditation, and ultimately, self-surrender.

Each Meluha cigar calls Costa Rica home, where it has been meticulously hand-made and rolled. The innermost layers are made up of premium Cubanos leaves whilst the outer wrapper is a Maduro leaf, specially grown and sourced for Meluha cigars from the Dominican Republic.

The Cigar Room

"Cigar smoking, I believe, is a celebration and that’s what is exactly reflected in this cigar and brand, from the very first draw and every single thereon until the last golden puff. Truly, a cigar smoking experience is like meditation…"

Yogesh Deshpande

The Cigars

What makes a Meluha undeniably exceptional comes down to the process and the final product. An average cigar will take two to three years to make. A Meluha takes seven to nine years, from the initial planting of the tobacco seed to the finished blend. The result is a taste that is fuller-bodied and bolder, lingering on the palate and memory long after the last puff.

Meluha Aficionados

Excellent flavor, a gauge which is comfortable in my hand
and a satisfying smoke after a great meal.


Meluha Aficionados

When one is confronted by a cigar of the size of Meluha's cigars, the usual though goes to one of two. Either it's "too big to enjoy" or "Wow! Exactly what I was looking for." I fall in the latter. Out of my experience in smoking cigars of the years, I started to realize that the ring gauge is more important than the length of the cigar. The wider the gauge, the more likely one can enjoy the flow of air passing through the leaves that give each cigars its unique taste. This is why I enjoy Meluha's cigars. The only negative comment I have about the cigar is that I can only find it at the Dubai Duty Free. As I travel a lot, this is not a major problem but it does get annoying one wants a great non-Cuban cigar, it's just not easy to get."

Mishal Kanoo, Deputy Chairman - UAE & Oman

Meluha Aficionados

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